About Us



Neptune Power is part of our family owned business since 1991. Our Company Is located in Sunny Miami Florida and has been working with our community from Day 1. Neptune Batteries Are Designed and Engineered in the USA to our specifications for Superior Quality and Reliability. Neptune Batteries are manufactured in Our International Certified factories. All of our SLA batteries are UL, CE Certified and Produced In Our ISO Certified Factories. Our Motor Sports SLA Batteries are CE Certified and Also Produced In our ISO certified factories.

Vision and values

With Neptunes Power Products, the world will realize the promise of Neptunes Power.


Neptunes Power Products will focus on enhancing the success of its business partners, associates and investors while embracing its values of innovation, accountability, integrity, teamwork and respect, learning and social responsibility. We commit to these values to guide our decisions and our behaviors:


We constantly look for better ways to deliver value to our customers, share owners, suppliers, and fellow associates. We anticipate change and create the solutions before we are asked to.